MCSA Windows 7 Practice Exam 4

MCSA Windows 7 Practice Exam 4

What are the levels of power states that Advanced Configuration Power Interface (ACPI) specifies in Windows 7? Choose all that apply.

In the _________ power state, data along with the window location and applications that are running are saved in the hard disk and the same session is available in few seconds when you wake the computer. This consumes very little power. 

To configure and manage the devices and hardware, the ______________ utility of Windows 7 is used. Drivers can also be configured from this place.

The _________________ browsing feature in Internet Explorer prevents recording of browsing history and does not allow retention of temporary files.

____________ is used for driver verification and notify if unsigned drier is installed on system.

______________ is a directory service in Windows Server that stores information as a central database and help to have single user account across the network. 

When a new user is created a SID is created and the username is a property of SID. SID stands for?

___________ is the user profile that cannot be modified by the user. Admin group members can manage the mandatory profile.

__________ is the Drive encryption feature in Windows 7.

The Domain Name Service works on which port number?

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