Networking Fundamentals MTA EXAM 98-366 Test 2

Networking Fundamentals MTA EXAM 98-366 Test 2

L2TP uses port ________________





The transmission rate of an Optical Carrier OC-24 is _________________





_________________ Service in Windows resolves NetBIOS names to IP addresses.





Basic Rate Interface( BRI) and Primary Rate Interface(PRI) in Digital technology is associated with _______________





PVCs are associated with Frame Relay, what does PVC stand for _________________________





In Windows to configure VPN which options do you need to go to?





Frame Relay is associated with FECN / BECN, what does FECN stand for________________





Frame Relay and X.25 are a type of ___________________ WAN technology?





Which of the below are tunneling protocol used by VPN?





The _________________ technology is used to mask and Private IP address from the outside world. We can use this and have multiple computers with Private IP address browse the Internet.





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