Windows Operating System Fundamentals 98-349 Exam 3

Windows Operating System Fundamentals 98-349 Exam 3

Which of the below are Safe Boot Options under System configuration utility (msconfig) in Windows OS? ( Choose all that apply)






Setting or policies are stored on the Active Directory. These setting can be applied to several objects together. What is this collection of settings called ?





The ____________ tool from Windows 7 Accessories helps taking screen shots.





Windows has an infrastructure directory that is used to store information and objects where objects relate to computer, file or printer etc. It is known as _____________





The __________________ feature in Windows 7 allows synchronization of files between a network location and your computer. After synchronization these files can be accessed without being connected the network. The files are called _____________ files.





____________________ Feature of Windows allows only one person to connect to another user’s computer remotely to provide some help.





The Internet Explorer 9 has a XSS filter, that prevent from security attacks like a key logger script being run on your computer. What does XSS stand for ___________________.





Which of the below msconfig ( System configuration ) Options need to be checked to see the driver names on the screen when the drivers are being installed during OS startup?





__________________ is the system configuration utility in Windows that allows you to enable / disable startup services, configure boot options, access event viewer etc.





Which of the below are fours service startup types?






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