C++ Quiz 5

C++ Quiz 5

What is the output of the following code? #include< iostream.h> using namespace std; void main() { int a=2; if(a=1) cout<<”OK”; else if (a=2) cout<<”BYE”; else cout<<”Nothing”; }

We cannot compute or use address of a  ….. variable ?

Values of ….. variables cannot be changed.

If we don’t know the number of iterations but want to execute the body of the loop for at least one time, then we should use ….. loop.

A function used to initialize the variables of a class is called…..

All the elements of an array …..

….. is used to uniquely identify the elements of a array.

The loosest type of coupling is …..?

The default behavior of a function defined in a class is …..

Destructors are called automatically when an object is no more required.