DBMS and SQL Questions and Answers 2

DBMS and SQL Questions and Answers 2

Which of the following command delete a table from database?

What is bytecode?

Timestamp is a value that is associated with a data and time values.

A fat-client is a PC that is configured to handle user interfaces and some application processing which, usually has no or limited local data storage.

ODMG Object Model requires a relationship to be specified in both directions.

Foreign key is used to establish relationship between tables.

ODBC conformance levels specify which SQL statements, expressions, and data types a driver can process.

The primary key of a new relation in a many-to-many relationships, is a composite key that comprise of the primary keys from each of the binary entities.

How many JDBC driver types are define by SUN Systems?

Which of the following is a part of an administrative policy use for securing a database?