Linux Ubuntu Quiz 2

Linux Ubuntu Quiz 2

____________ command is used to see the list of hardware that is detected on the system.

For hard disk monitoring, the SMART system of SATA is used. To get the info from the first SATA hard disk, what is the command used.

To see the list of connected USB devices in Ubuntu, the command you type is :

The ______________ command shows the wireless information in Ubuntu.

___________________ is the solution for providing automated installation in Ubuntu Linux. It is also used in Redhat linux.

Kickstart uses a configuration file where all the installation settings are mentioned. The extension for the file associated with kickstart is ____

The DHCP client config is stored in the ____________ file

In the Linux operating system you often use the wildcards as you may not remember or know the exact file name. Using of wildcards is also referred to as _________________

We can use a customized command in place of the actual linux command. The config is done in the /etc/bashrc file. To use  ‘cls’ to clear the screen what is the correct command :  

The ____ command is used to check all the process for all users and can grep search for a specific process