Linux Ubuntu Quiz 4

Linux Ubuntu Quiz 4

To add an ip address for the eth1 interface in Linux box which of the below command is used.

To configure ip forwarding or to make the linux box work as a router, you do the configuration in ______________ file.

In the output of the command iwconfig, what does ESSID describe?

____________ command is used to create a preshared key, which in turn uses passphrase on wireless client and the access point.

____________ is used for sharing files and printer on a directory with Unix or Linux systems.  

What is the full form of GNOME?

___________ is the GNOME Menu editor that can be loaded from the GUI command line.

For a user Tom, where would his customer GNOME desktop setting be stored?

The configuration file for GNOME display manager is ____________________

____________ is the Ubuntu package name that helps make connection between Evolution email manager and Microsoft Exchange.