TCP/IP Layer Model Quiz

TCP/IP Layer Model Quiz

Certiology’s free TCP/IP Layer Model quiz, practice test and exam are exactly what you need to test your TCP/IP Layer Model knowledge.

In TCP/IP Layer model, TFTP works at





Which of the TCP/IP layer is the combination of 3 layers?





What will be the encapsulation unit of data when it reaches to Network access layer of TCP/IP layer model?





Which access method does Ethernet used to access the media when Ethernet operates in shared media in TCP IP model?





You are deploying a router. Which layer is most likely to be used in TCP/IP model?





How many layers are in TCP/IP model?





Frame relay in TCP/IP layer model works at _____layer





Which layer of TCP/IP permits devices on the source and destination hosts to carry on a conversation?





Internet layer is the ____layer of TCP/IP layer model.





Which layer of TCP/IP is used to pack data into data packets known as IP datagram’s, which contain source and destination address information that is used to forward the datagram between hosts and across networks?





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