Card readers are hardware devices that let one write and read data on a memory card (such as a multimedia card). Some card readers have multiple slots for different cards while some have only one card slot.

There are different types of card readers. Memory Card Readers are devices used with memory cards or smart cards.  A Business Card Reader is used to save electronically printed business cards and scan them. A magnetic card reader is used to interpret information on magnetic stripe cards such as credit cards.

A card reader can be a standalone device that connects to a computer through USB, or it may be integrated into a printer, computer, or multi function device. Indeed, most multi function scanners, printers, or copiers now have in-built card, readers.

The function of a memory card reader is to read data from a memory card. When a memory card is placed into a card reader, it shows on the PC as a mounted disk. The content of the memory card can then be accessed by double-clicking the card’s icon.  The card icon can be seen on “My Computer” on Window PCs.

Usually, a photo folder may automatically open when one inserts a card reader since most cards frequently contain pictures from digital cameras. This enables an easy medium of importing pictures into one’s photo album on the computer. If one does not desire to transfer photos, one can simply close the program, and the card can still be accessed on the computer.

Once the user is ready to remove the card reader, he should ensure he uses the “eject” command on the computer to do it. This will help avoid data on the card from getting damaged.