DCE ( Data Communication Equipment)

DCE ( Data Communication Equipment)

DCE refers to the equipment that is connected to the computer and is used to establish, maintain, and terminate communication network sessions between one data source and the receiving device.

One example of data communications equipment would be a modem.  The modem as well as all other data communications equipment is used primarily to preform signal exchange.  This means for example the modem that is connected to your computer can receive a transmission from your computer and send it over a LAN to another computer or workstation.

Before the transmission gets to the other computer the modem has the ability to exchange the coded and packaged information into the medium that was meant for the human to be able to understand.

A better example of this data transformation or signal exchange would be your cable box.  Your cable provider sends data through the cables into your cable box your cable box in turn collects the data that was sent and converts it or exchanges it and makes it understandable to you the viewer in the form of a video that you can watch on your television.

These DCEs consist of devices and connections within the network which connect the communications circuit from the data source and the destination.

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