HTTP stands for hyper text transfer protocol.  It is the underlying protocol used by the internet to define how messages are formatted and transmitted.  This protocol is used when you type in a website address.

What happens when you type the http part of the url you are actually sending a command to the internet to basically find and display a certain web page from a certain server.  This is typically what you see in the browser when you are browsing the internet.

Now if you went onto a website that sold products, QVC for example then found a product you wanted to purchase, when you clicked on the pay button you would be taken to a secure browsing session.

This http would change to https which the s stands for secure.  If you ever don’t see the https when you purchase something, don’t enter your information and leave the website immediately.

If you are on Facebook or any other social network you can turn this secure session browsing on at any time.  Most people don’t know they can do that.  It is useful for sites like Facebook to ensure that only you can see and access your personal information.  To do this all you have to do is change the security settings on your profile settings page.