Kerberos V5 Authentication

Kerberos V5 Authentication

Kerberos V5 Authentication is the main security protocol utilized for authentication from within a web domain. 

The Kerberos V5 protocol verifies the identity of the user whom is requesting authentication along with the server itself providing the authentication requested.

This type of process is known as mutual authentication. It works by creating and issuing tickets to users who access network services.

The tickets contain encrypted data, with an encrypted password, that is used to actually confirm the identity of the user for the requested service.

The only part of the process that is made visible to the user is the entering of a password or other credentials.

Kerberos V5 runs a Key Distribution Center (KDC) which runs on the client web domains and acts to create and keep an Active Directory directory service which stores client account information.

The Kerberos V5 services are installed for each domain controller, and a Kerberos client is installed on every workstation or server.