Thin Net

Thin Net

Thin net is a physical cable used to connect a network of computers or workstations.  This is the thinnest and most fragile cable that can be used.  This cable has also become obsolete in today’s technology markets.  The cable itself is 3/16 of an inch in diameter.

Just like thick net, thin net must be terminated at both ends.  It only has the capability to transfer data at a rate of 10Mbps.  This is very low transfer rate in today’s GB thirsty technology buffs. Cable can both transmit and receive data, however it can only do so one direction at a time.

For instance you can send data to a workstation then you have to wait to be able to receive data back from that work station.   Think of it as one way at a time.  This does however save on bandwidth.

This cable is the cheapest of the cables to use for network connections.  However, this cable has limitations.  Besides the max speed of 10Mbps, the cable can only connect up to 30 devices on a single port or segment.  Only a maximum of 2 segments can be used or up to 200 meters.

If there is any part of the network that is not connected properly the entire network will fail and the time and money spent to find the flawed connection can be quite costly.  You can alternatively use wall-mounted EAD sockets that can help to provide a more reliable connection.

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