Proxy Cache

Proxy Cache

Sometimes referred to as Web Proxy Cache, this is a function of a proxy server which caches retrieved web-pages on a server’s hard disk.

This allows for quick retrieval of the web-page by the same, or a different, user the next time the page is requested.

Proxy caches ease bandwidth requirements and reduce the delays found in heavily trafficked internet connected networks.

Since the page is stored on the proxy server locally it is able to be delivered to the next user who requests it at local network speeds. The proxy cache is also helpful when a user is browsing multiple pages on the same website.

The proxy cache also stores any images and sub-files for the pages a user visits.

Doing this allows the user to move to a new page within the same website and have that page load more quickly because the proxy cache has saved all the images which require more time to initially retrieve from the servers remote site.

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