Pull Printing

Pull Printing

A feature in which print jobs are held on a server and can be accessed and released by the user on any printing device supported by the feature. However, different companies call pull printing different things.

Ringdale has trademarked pull printing as FollowMe printing, and Equitrac calls it Follow-You printing. It is also called Secure Release Here by another company.

In any case, pull printing performs the same function.

Users authenticate themselves at the printer with embedded software or trough an external device. After authentication is complete the user selects the print job they wish to access and releases it at their current location.

Some systems also allow users to access other jobs submitted by different users so that they can print them for themselves.

Pull printing allows for more flexibility because the user can choose at the print location where to release the job allowing for the user to change print locations if they primary one is in use.

Pull printing also adds an additional layer of security since users have to authenticate themselves within the system in order to release a job.