RAS – Remote Access Service

RAS – Remote Access Service

Any combination of hardware and software enabled by remote access tools or information typically found on a network of IT (information technology) devices.

RAS allows clients to connect to a host computer which is known as a remote access server. Windows Mobile devices which run RAS connect to remote access servers by using PPP (Point-to-Point Protocol) which is a set of industry standard framing and authentication protocols.

These standard protocols are what enable remote access.

Using RAS improves productivity by allowing personnel to work from their homes, hotels, or anywhere the internet can be accessed.

Information on the company’s server, such as email, applications, and documents, can be accessed from these off-site locations. Projects started at work can be completed at home or abroad which would increase overall profitability.

RAS also gives personnel the freedom to work in locations where they are more likely to perform at a higher lever enabling them to be more productive in less time.

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