HP’s Remote Insight Lights-Out Edition II is a remote management option for HP ProLiant server models that do not have embedded Integrate Lights-Out.

It is a board that fits into the PCI slot on the ProLiant server. RILOE II is made independent of the host server and its operating system by the NIC (Network Interface Card), ROM, built-in processor, and the standard external power supply.

An administrator is able to configure, deploy, monitor, troubleshoot, and update remote ProLiant servers with RILOE II features from any location using a standard web-browser in a Windows or Linux environment.

Some features of RILOE II include a fast processor for increased performance, a user interface that allows for easy web-browsing, Pocket PC access, and browser access across the network to Microsoft.

NET Server Emergency Management Services, or EMS, console, which supports out-of-band connections that don’t rely on operating system network drivers to function.