A system of software and computer hardware which responds to requests from across a network to provide a service.

Servers are able to run on dedicated computers, often referred to as the server, but most networked computers are able to host servers. These servers operate within a client server architecture, which is a model of computing that partitions tasks between providers of the servers.

Servers serve the requests of users who typically connect to the server through a network, but it could also run on the same computer.

Servers usually proved essential serves across a network. This can be done for private users within a large organization or public users via the internet and is called a client networking model.

These servers provide an essential service to a client across a network, such as file servers, mail servers, print servers, database servers, web servers, application servers, and gaming servers. Many different systems utilize the client networking model including email services and websites.

The alternative to a client server networking model is peer-to-peer which enables all the computers on the network to act as either a server or a client.

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