Features of C Programming Language

Features of C Programming Language

The main features of C programming language are as below: C programming language is fast and efficient, ease and flexible. It makes memory management very efficient.

The main features of C language are as below.

System Programming

It is probably the most commonly programming language being used in system programming. It is preferred to be used in the development of system drivers, operating systems and embedded systems.

Fast and efficient

It is faster and efficient than many other computer languages using less computer resources. It can be used on computers having less powerful resources and less memory without compromising on its speed and efficiency. Most of the sophisticated computer languages cannot be used on computers with less resources or having weak processors but C can be used on almost all types of computers.


The same source code of C language can be complied on different computers having different architecture and platforms without making any changes or making very minor changes in some cases.

Rich Library

C has an extensive library having a very large number of predefined code (mostly in form of functions). Most of the functions required in many situations are already defined making the library very handy and useful.

Extendable Library

C allows us to extend its library. We can define our own header files including self-defined functions which be used in different programs. The same library can be shared with other programmers as well. It makes the language very useful and the same code can be used by different programmers in different computer programs.


C has a very simple syntax making the programming very easier. This might be the reason that most programmers prefer to use C language as their first programming language.


C is a very flexible language. It provides features which like dynamic memory access, dynamic pointers etc. which make the language very flexible.

Memory Management

It makes the memory management very efficient. It provides features like dynamic arrays and linked lists which make the memory management very efficient.

Implementation of Data Structure

C provides facilities for the implementation of all the basic data structures.

Low Level Facilities

Although C is a high level language but provides low level features as well. It can be used for almost all the purposes usually done with the low level languages (like Assembly language).