Benefits of Segmenting a Network using a Router

Benefits of Segmenting a Network using a Router

Segmentation of network is the process of segmenting one big network into smaller networks.  This segmenting can be done using a network device called Router.

It is important to segment the network to avoid creation if a bigger Broadcast domain. (Broadcast domain discussed in another article)

If the number of devices in a network increase the broadcast also increases and which in turn causing network issues and deteriorate the network quality. The below reason could be a cause for the lowering of quality:

a)      Bandwidth issue: Since the broadcast reach all ports in the network, if there are more devices sending broadcasts then the available bandwidth will be less for genuine communication.

b)     Reduced Processing power: As each device or computer receives the broadcast, it would take up some CPU cycles to understand and process the request that came in (broadcast), this will consume the CPU and affect the processing power of the computer.

Routers do not allow broadcast to pass through, it means if a broadcast is sent, it reaches the router but the router does not pass it further to the other network which is connected to the same router. The broadcasts are restricted to that particular broadcast domain.

With the use of routers the broadcast will remain local and not pass through to another network, which in turn will improve the network efficiency since router will not allow broadcast traffic generated in one network to pass to another network.

Routers would also be helpful to connect to different types of media, like one port is a serial and another is an Ethernet port, one can be token ring network, thus router can help as a media transition device.

IP addressing can be easier if we segment the network using router, we can use different IP address ranges / classes for the communication. The segmentation will be done based on the logical address (IP address) rather than physical address (MAC address) that bridges or switches use.

Segmentation also helps ease of administration for the system admin.

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