What is Trivial File Transfer Protocol

Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP)

TFTP or Trivial File Transfer Protocol is similar to the FTP protocol that all will be familiar with. The TFTP is a very small or basic version of FTP.

TFTP does not consume or require more memory to run. This protocol is widely used by computers while they boot from network and also used by devices like routers and switches for booting.

The TFTP protocols is also commonly use with Cisco devices to copy the existing configuration and save for future use i.e. for backing up of IOS configurations. It is also widely used when the IOS needs to be upgraded.

TFTP use the UDP i.e. User Datagram Protocol for its functioning and the port number associated with TFTP is 69.

If you want to do some test configurations and learn how TFTP works you can use the Cisco Packet Tracer as it has the TFP server in built.

There is much other software that acts as the TFTP server but the more popular ones are mentioned below:

–          Solar Winds TFTP

–          Tftpd32

–          Open TFTP

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