Consolidate Function in MS Excel

Consolidate Function in MS Excel

Consolidate function in MS Excel allows a user to combine the relevant data from multiple sheets into one sheet.

To have a better understanding of this concept, follow the steps below:

1. Create two sheets with resembling data as shown in the figures below. For this example,  we have saved two files by name ABC.xlsx and DEF.xlsx

first name file ABC

second name file DEF

2. Now create a new sheet. Select Data tab, and under the Data Tools section, select Consolidate


3. In Consolidate window, click Browse and select the file(s) you want to consolidate one by one. Also, you will be required to manually type the Cell Range for selected file in Reference textbox. Click Add button to add the reference.


4. Click OK to complete the consolidate process. This will sum up all the relevant values into new sheet.

new sheet