Custom Lists in Excel

Custom Lists in Excel

In MS Excel, Custom Lists is an effective tool to fill the cell range with pre-defined values. For instance: Days, Cities, and Countries etc.

There are number of pre-defined lists available in MS Excel which are used quite often.

available in MS Excel

To create a custom list of your own defined values, please follow the steps below:

1.Go to File Tab and click Options


2.On Excel Options window, select Advanced options


3.Scroll down the right pane and move to General options

general operation

4.Click on Edit Custom Lists… button which will open Custom Lists window

new list

5.Under the Custom Lists List box, select NEW LIST and type your desired custom list items in List entities box and click Add button to add them in the Custom lists.

custom lists

6.Click OK to close the window.

7.Now, coming back to MS Excel sheet, type Africa in a cell and drag it to 6 cells on the right.


8.The Auto list will fill the remaining 6 cells with the remaining continents of the world

remaining 6 cells