Fibonacci sequence

Fibonacci sequence

In Fibonacci sequence, the first two numbers are user defined and rest of the numbers is generated by adding up the previous two numbers.  For example: 0 and 1 are provided as user inputs and rest of the series will be generated in a following manner

0          =          0

1          =          1

0+1      =          1

1+1      =          2

2+1      =          3

3+2      =          4

And so on.

The same is achievable in MS Excel and to have a better understanding of this concept, follow the steps below.

1. Enter 0 in Cell A1 and 1 in Cell A2


2.  On Cell A3, type formula “=A1+A2”

type formula

3. Press Enter

Press Enter

4. Drag the Cell A3 downward to your desired level to apply the formula

apply the formula

5. Press Ctrl + ` to toggle the view to have an exact understanding of this implementation.