Find Features in Excel

Find Features in Excel

Find function is used quite often however, its actual potential is somewhat unexplored by most of the users.

In this example, we will discuss about some additional options that are available with Find.

1. To open Find window, either press Ctrl + F or under the Editing Group available on HOME tab, click on “Find and Select” and select Find from the dropdown list.


2. On Find window, click Options button

find and repalce

3. This will open additional options

additional options

Now, we will discuss the use of various options available.

1. If you need to search the values for a specific format, click on Format dropdown and select Format and select your desired format i.e. Number, Custom etc.


2. If you want to search for a specific Case, check the Match case check box. This option will search for the specified Case structure. For example, if you will enter LONDON, it will only look for word London where the spellings are in Upper Case.

3. If you want to search the criteria against the entire content of the cell, check “Match the entire cell contents” check box. For Example, if you will enter My World, it will only return those cells which only contain the complete set.