Group Worksheets in Excel

Group Worksheets in MS Excel

MS Excel supports grouping of Worksheets. Worksheets can be grouped in order to modify them simultaneously. For example, if you want to enter a same value in 3 sheets and at a same location, then it would be quite time saving to group the desired sheets and enter the data.

In this example, you are going to observe that we will create two sheets and then we will group them and enter data on one sheet. The result of grouping would be that the other sheet will also have the same data.

To have a more clear understanding of this concept, please follow the steps below:

1. Create 2 sheets in MS Excel workbook

Create 2 sheets

2. Select both sheets by clicking on the Sheet tabs while pressing the Control key.

Sheet tabs

3. Now, enter some data on Sheet 1

Sheet 1

4. Now, click on Sheet 2 and you will find the same data as of Sheet 1 on this sheet as well.

find the same data

To ungroup Sheets, right click on any sheet and click Ungroup Sheets

ungroup sheets