Intersect Function in Excel

Intersect Function in Excel

The term Intersect refers to apply a SUM Function to only those cells which are intersecting.

To have a better understanding of the concept, follow the steps below:

1. For this example, consider a scenario that there are 2 sets of values that are needed to be added collectively. However, their physical position on MS Excel sheet is distant. Each set carries 9 values in a 3 x 3 cell formation as shown in the figure below:

2 sets of values

2. Now, in order to sum up only the overlapping values at one place, enter the SUM function having Cell range of Set 1 and Cell range of Set 2, both separated by a space.

Set 1 and Cell range of Set 2

3. The output would be the sum of only 2 cells which are common in both ranges

sum of two sets

The above output is sum of only two cells which are common in both value sets (highlighted in green color)