Quick Operations in Excel

Quick Operations in Excel

Quick Operation allows you to add, subtract, multiply or delete a specific value from a selected range. This feature comes very handy while working with financial or accounting figures.

To have better understanding of this feature, follow the steps below:

1. Type your desired value in Cell B2 and Copy it

Cell B2

2. Now, select the Cell Range from A1 to A5 and right click on the selected range

A1 to A5

3. Click on Paste Special which will open a Paste Special window.


4. Select Add under Operation section and Click OK.

Select Add

5. This will add 79 in each value within the selected range

add 79

1.    Workspace

Sometime you have to work on multiple workbooks at a time and that makes it quite difficult in keep on switching between the windows. But MS Excel has a solution to this problem and that is to arrange all the opened sheets within your screen.

To have a better understanding of this concept, follow the steps below. For this example to work, you need to open multiple MS Excel Workbooks.

1. On your main sheet, select View Tab and click on Arrange All under the Window Group.

Arrange All

2. This will open an Arrange Window popup. Select Tiled and click OK.

Select Tiled

3. This will tile all your opened MS Excel Workbooks into Tiled format.