How to Get Your Facebook Email Address

Getting Your Facebook E-mail Address

Facebook wants to help its users stay connected with the world. They want to give them a way to communicate with their friends, family, and the people working on the site. Everyone that has a Facebook account will also receive a unique Facebook e-mail address. It’s just another useful tool that helps with digital communication. To find your Facebook e-mail address, follow these steps. It won’t take you very long.

1. To begin, click on the arrow at the top right corner of your screen. It will reveal a list of tabs that will take you to other pages. The one you’re looking for is called ‘settings.’ Click on it when you find it.

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2. On this new page, you should already be on the ‘general’ settings section. If not, you can click on that option on the top left of the screen.


3. There is a section in these general settings called ‘email.’ Click on the blue highlighted ‘edit’ button to the right of this option to expand the section.


4. In this section, you will see all of the e-mails attached to your Facebook account. In the middle, you will be able to see what your Facebook e-mail address is. You can use that e-mail if you have the appropriate box checked. You can also remove that e-mail near the top of the section, by clicking on the blue highlighted button ‘remove.’

You also have the option to add other e-mail address and phone numbers. Facebook allows you to include as much contact information as you want. It’s important to have more than one source of communication in case something goes wrong with the first e-mail address.

Make sure you’re aware of your e-mailing options. In the digital age, communication has become so easy and convenient. Take advantage of that privilege and get your Facebook e-mail address.

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