Configure IPv6 on Windows 7

Configuring IPv6 on Windows 7

To configure you Window 7 computer with an IPV6 address, follow the below Steps ad see the screenshots.

1.  Click on Start and click on Control Panel

control panel -

2.  In the Control Panel, Choose the option “Network and Sharing Center”
network and sharing center -

3.  On the Left Pane you see “Change Adapter Settings”, Click on it.

change adapter settings -

4.  Here you will see the network adapters configured on your system. Choose the Network adapter where you want to configure the IPv6 address. And then click on Properties for that adapter.

local area network -

5.  Under the LAN Properties dialog box, you will see few checkboxes, Check TCP/IPv6 and click on Properties.

internet protocol version 6 -

6.  You will see the IP configuration dialog box. In the General Tab itself, Click on “Use Following IPv6 Address” and then configure your IP address for IPv6. You can also specify the DNS server here and then Click on OK.

ok -

7.  Again click on OK, in the Dialog box.
click ok -

8.  Now you can check the IP, by going into command prompt and then try to ping the IP you configured.
cmd -

9.  Here while you ping the configured IP, we see the Reply successful.

ping -
Congratulations you have just now configured an IPv6 address on Windows 7.

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