How to Get your Questions Answered on Twitter

Getting Your Questions Answered on Twitter

Twitter has a fun feature that everyone can use and it’s for taking polls. You can ask people questions and give them choices to pick from. You can poll just about any topic whether it’s serious or silly.

The polls can help give you good ideas and an understanding of your follower’s opinions.

1) Start by clicking on your text box in the top middle of your main Twitter page. A row of icons will appear at the bottom. One of those icons looks like a circle with a partially shaded area. Click on that to open the poll section.


2) You have to think of a question that you want to ask. When you think of it, type it into the text box at the top.

text box at the top

3) Below that, you will see two text boxes with little grey bubbles to the left of them. Those bubbles will be what people click on when they make their choice. Type in the options that you want people to choose from. Under the second choice, there is a button that says ‘add a choice’ with a plus sign by it. Click on that if you want to give people more options.

add a choice

4) Underneath that, you will see the words ‘poll length.’ To the right of those words you will see the number of days that the poll will run for – usually one. To change it, click on the number of days and select the day, hour, and minute from a drop down list of options.

poll length

5) Once you’ve filled out all of the information, you’re ready to post it. To do so, click on the tweet button in the bottom right corner. Then, it will be available to all of your followers to reply to. If you’ve changed your mind, you can click on the ‘remove poll’ button in the top right corner.

you’re ready to post it