Why Should We Hire You

Why Should We Hire You?”

This is one of the most asked questions in a job interview. It’s one of the most important to prepare for, so that your interest, and motivation to get the job, will come across.

This question sorts out those candidates not only better qualified for the job in skills and experience, but those who sell themselves as the employees presenting less risks, as those most valuable to the company’s goals, and as being most affordable. In short, those candidates who use this question to sell their value better than the others, through personal traits and anything that could set them apart from the competition.

Answering to “Why Should We Hire You?”

That’s the moment to sell your value to the company to the best of your ability, and you must focus on what makes you different, better, from the other candidates. It’s more important than ever that your answer should focus on the company needs and goals, and not your expectations, and you need to make your reply sound reasonable and realistic.

This part will have to reinforce in the interviewer the idea that your commitment, performance and skills will be an asset for to the job position, and for the company you want to join.

• Personal strengths: Your personal traits are the biggest element that sets you apart from the competition. You should reinforce the idea that your dedication, flexibility, or performance is superior to most of the other people’s, and connect your strengths to aspects of the job you are applying for. The right balance between confidence and modesty it’s important.

•  You shouldn’t exaggerate, or it will ring false, but your aim is to show you’re there because you believe that you’re the right person for the job. It’s essential to linger on this in the case you don’t have past professional achievements that you to fall back on for your cause.

• Professional achievements: They show better than anything the value of your performance. Past successes are often seen as a sign of commitment to your career and a promise of future success inside the company. Remember, this shouldn’t become the focus of your answer, or a list, with or without description.

You will have already described them in a previous part of the interview. Referencing back to them, in passing, it’s to enhance the idea you’re confident in your skills, that you have potential for great work performance, and that you can deliver the results told.