CCIE Routing and Switching Practice Exam 1

Which of the following line describe VRRP?


Which of the following are configured in MST configuration? (Choose three)


Which of the following statement is correct regarding when an IEEE 802.1Q trunk port receive untagged frames?


What are the names of the states in a router HSRP in a LAN? (Choose three)


The protocol which has being developed for IP routing redundancy to protect against first-hop router failure is ______and_______. (Choose two)


When using Multiple STP, all vlan will belong to which MST instance?


Which of the following trunking protocol is used to inserts a four byte tag into the Ethernet frame?


How many possible states of router HSRP have in a LAN?


Which of the three statements apply to access control for bridged traffic for Vlan?


How can you filter traffic being bridged within a Vlan?


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