CCIE Routing and Switching Practice Exam 3

How does VTP pruning can be used to enhance network bandwidth?


You have configured a private vlan,l which type of private vlan port should be the default gateway be configured?


When RSTP edge port receive a BPDU what two things occur?


Which of the following command can be used without interfering with the operation of loop guard?


Which of the following router will enable a group of routers to form a single virtual router?


Which of the following statement is true regarding 802.1x port based authentication?


You are configuring a port security on a Cisco switch, what will be the default action of the switch if any violation occurs?


Which command is used to convert a Layer 3 interface to a Layer 2 in a MLS switch?


Which three port types can Private Vlan can be configured?


How can you configure a routed port on MLS switch?


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