CCIE Security Practice Test 1

What type of layer 2 attack causes a switch to flood all incoming traffic to all ports?


Which of the following are the advantages of application layer firewall?
(Choose two)


Which of the following two main function are required for IPSec operation?


Which of the following router management provides for the ability to configure multiple administrative views?


Which additional configuration parameters should be added to the trunking configuration when you are implementing trunking configuration?


Which three action can be applied to a traffic class when Cisco IOS zone based firewall is configured?
(Choose that applies)


Which of the following two protocols will enable Cisco Configuration Professional to pull IPS alerts from a Cisco ISR router?


The main benefit of using Cisco IOS IPS is, It uses the underlying routing infrastructure to provide an additional layer of security.


Which of the following statement describes the Diffie-Hellman?


Which of the following is the best way to prevent Vlan hopping attack?


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