CCENT ICND1 Practice Exam 4

CCENT ICND1 Practice Exam 4

In OSPF grouping of contiguous networks and routers is called _____________.


Which of the below are advantages of using a Layer 2 Switch? Choose all that apply.


____________________ command shows the path a packet takes to reach a remote destination. This command is helpful for troubleshooting.


To form neighbor relationship in OSPF, the routers must have which of these matching? Choose all that apply


___________________ protocol gathers data by polling the devices on the network from a network management station (NMS) at fixed or random intervals


Which of these does not fall under the classes of Routing Protocols?


Which of the below is a Routing Protocol? Choose 2


Which of these are Dynamic routing protocols? (Choose which all apply)


This portion of a MAC address is assigned by the IEEE to an organization.


OSPF uses the _________________ algorithm.


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