CCENT ICND1 Practice Test 3

CCENT ICND1 Practice Test 3

If a device is assigned the IP address /27 on an interface, the valid subnet address for the interface will be ____________


Which protocols support VLSM? Choose 3


To make a switch port allow only one host per port and shutdown the port if rule is violated, which will be the correct configuration?


OSPF uses 3 types of tables, which are __________, ____________, and ________.


Which of the below is not a Layer2 switch function?


Convert the IP address to binary format


Frames that do not meet the minimum frame size requirement of 64 bytes are called ___________


__________________________ is used to rate the trustworthiness of a route received on a router from some neighbor router.


Which of these routing methods have less overhead on the CPU and consumes less or no bandwidth between routers?


What is the valid range of IP address for a given IP address: /10 ?


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