CCENT ICND1 Practice Test 4

CCENT ICND1 Practice Test 4

Configuring IP address on a switch can be done on which interface so we can manage a switch?


From the network, how many subnets and hosts per subnet can we get?


___________________ command is used to delete the contents of the NVRAM


_________________ is used to bring router up during initialization and load the IOS


Ping and traceroute are useful for troubleshooting. What protocol do they use?


The hexadecimal equivalent for 148


For a Switch to connect to another switch, what type of cable is used?


__________________ is use to provide static MAC address security without having to manually enter the MAC address.


_____________ is the time measured when a frame enters a port and when it exits a port.


Which mask is preferred to use for a point-to-point WAN link to avoid wastage of IP addresses


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