Vlans Practice Quiz 4

Vlans Practice Quiz 4

Which vlan is reserved for token ring in a MLS switch?


Is there is a native vlan in Cisco’s router?


How can you determine you have assigned 0/5 in vlan 19?


In a large complex network, Vlan is used to make virtual separate domains?


What is the default MTU size in using Vlans for carrying data from one switch to another?


You see that your port 0/4 is transferring 4 mbps of data to port 0/3 in different switching. The port 0/3 is choking with such incoming traffic, what might be the reason?


You have successfully ping a host which is in separate vlan but you are unable to telnet, what might be the issue?


In a single Vlan, data is


What protocols are to be used in management vlan in a network?


How many reserved vlans are in layer 2 switches only?


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