Vlans Practice Test 2

Vlans Practice Test 2

What is said to be primary vlan in private vlan?


What is the main purpose of promiscuous port in private vlans?


What will be the configuration revision number of new switch making only 3 vlans in one time?


What is Private Vlans?


You have created vlan 10 in Switch A and Switch A is in transparent mode. Switch B is in server mode and attached with Switch A, Does vlan 10 will propagate to Switch B?


Host A is able to ping host B, but host C is unable to ping host A, what will be the reason?


Vlans can create multiple partitions of ports on switch


You are diagnosing VTP issues, which command is best to diagnose issues?


Two vlan hosts can communicate with each other by default?


To which port does vlans in private vlan communicate to get access?


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