CCNA Security Practice Exam 2 IINS 640-554

CCNA Security Practice Exam 2 IINS 640-554

In terms of IDS/IPS technology what can be described as “using a predefined definition of known good network behavior, provided by the vendor”?


Who logged in? what they did,   how long did they do it? these describe


What can you use to troubleshoot a site-to-site VPN tunnel?


Which security term refers to a person, property, or data of value to a company?


Cisco Security Agent can be refered to as


Running auto secure from the command line,disables all except


Which of the following might you find in a network that is based on a defense-in-depth security implementation?


RFC 1918 IP addresses should be blocked by ACL at an Internet-facing router heading inbound to the local LAN. What part of the statement is false?


Which of the following commands result in a secure bootset?


Which one  is not shown on the VPN Connection Information screen when you are using a Sdm tool to configure VPN tunnel


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