CCNA Voice Practice Exam 2 ICOMM 640-461

CCNA Voice Practice Exam 2 ICOMM 640-461

________ Connects to an FXS port


Why is 802.1Q trunking used to connect two Ethernet switches?


This is an example of
Router(config)# ephone-dn 101 dual-line
Router(config-ephone-dn)# number 2000
Router(config)# ephone 10
Router(config-ephone)# mac-address 00CC.0001.A123.1ABF
Router(config-ephone)# button 1:101
Router(config)# ephone 12
Router(config-ephone)# mac-address 00C0.0011.A145.1DDA
Router(config-ephone)# button 1:101


Under which of the following instances would the original Cisco Unity Express installation software be required?


When configuring a dial plan from CCA,


Which properties are defined on VoIP dial peers?


Which of the following command is part of a pickup group configuration?


The PSTN and service provider environment is made up of physical devices, communications circuits, and communications protocols. Which of the following answers are considered PSTN components? (


Which of the following is used to provide QoS feedback to the media stream source about an RTP stream?


A client wants to learn more about the Caller ID Block Code feature. What should you tell him?


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