CCNA Voice Practice Test 1 ICOMM 640-461

CCNA Voice Practice Test 1 ICOMM 640-461

Which is the “most” true regarding voice gateway call leg?


What can be configured in Smart Assist?


Which one configures a router’s FastEthernet or GigabitEthernet sub interface to process VLAN 50 traffic across an 802.1Q trunk connection to a switch?


How is signaling accomplished by the CO to ring the phone in loop start?


Which Cisco Unity Express platform can support up to a maximum of 100 user mailboxes?


Which of the following statements best describe the differences between key systems and PBX systems?


What information is configured on the Network tab under Telephony > Voice in CCA?


In terms of outgoing dial peers, which statements true?

dial-peer voice 50 VOIP
 destination-pattern 555.
 session target ipv4:

dial-peer voice 60 VOIP
 destination-pattern 5551…
 session target ipv4:

dial-peer voice 70 VOIP
 destination-pattern 55512..
 session target ipv4:


Which protocol is responsible for packetizing incoming digital or analog voice traffic into IP packets over the IP network?


Which IP addressing schemes gives security and data separation?


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