CCNA Wireless Practice Exam 1 IUWNE 640-722

CCNA Wireless Practice Exam 1 IUWNE 640-722

A CUWN network is built with 300 lightweight APs and a 5508 WLC. Ifwireless coverage needs to be offered in several more floors within a building, which will double the number of APs in use. Which would work?


If a LAP needs to download a new software image, how does it get the image?


Assume that an AP is connected to the WLC that is configured as the primary controller. Later,, that controller fails and the AP joins its secondary controller. Once the primary controller is restored to service, which feature would allow the AP to rejoin it again?


After copying a new code image file to a controller, how should you copy the same code release to the lightweight APs?


In a passive scan, a wireless client uses which one of the following methods to discover nearby APs?


A lightweight access point is said to participate in which one of the following architectures?


Which AP model should you choose if you expect to see 802.11ac clients in the near future?


Which organization certifies 802.11 interoperability?


An 802.11n device can aggregate channels to which one of the following maximum widths?


The U-NII-1 band begins at which one of the following channel numbers?


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