CCNP Route Practice Exam 2

CCNP Route Practice Exam 2

RIPNG ( Next Generation) or RIP (IPv6) uses Port number _______________


Can be used to have IPv6 and IPv4 run simultaneously on a same device.


OSPF (IPv6) Multicast address for DR/BDR is ___________________


Which of the below is NOT an EIGRP protocol message?


BGP uses ________________ for selecting best path


Command is used in EIGRP for tuning load balancing.


Which of the below command show the routing table for EIGRP on the router?


The command ___________________ is used to bring down a neighbor relationship for BGP router.


Difference between IGPs and BGPs is that IGPs choose path based on ________________


Is an IPv6 equivalent of the Private IP address of IPv4 and cannot be used on the Internet.


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