TSHOOT Practice Exam 4

TSHOOT Pratice Exam 4

Each area in a OSPF should be connected to:


Your IT support senior wants you to tell to which class this IP belongs to?


Unlike EIGRP, OSPF is more efficient which have areas and network burden is divide into areas.


You are diagnosing redistribution issues in your network, what is the main function provided by route redistribution?


1, 2 and 3 LSAs are mostly likely to be found in


By default, how many Vlans are in MLS router 2800s?


Which command can be used to configure totally stubby area inĀ  OSPF network?


What is the size of the IP packet of IPv4?


Your seniors are out and you are monitoring the whole network, suddenly your R1 link goes down. What will you do first?


Does RIPv2 have any optional field for authentication?


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