CompTIA A+ Jobs in Dubai

Certifications have become quite important nowadays due to the advancing technology and increased technological inventions. With this developing technology, obviously advanced qualifications are also required. The professionals certifications like CompTIA A+ validate the candidates skills and and endorse that the candidate is a competent and skilled individual and capable enough to perform the tasks assigned to him.

Once you are CompTIA A+ certified you have the basic and fundamental knowledge regarding the IT field and hence these fundamentals greatly help you in performing the tasks assigned to you. CompTIA A+ certification is very important for an IT individual. Even though the salary for an entry level individual is not very high but the experience really helps as your promotions are based on your experience.

You have a lot of career opportunities ahead of you. And the salary of a certified individual is higher than those who are non-certified. Your confidence level increases and you get a positive energy after getting certified. Moreover, the jobs that you will be able to apply for are listed as follows:

  • Service Technician.
  • Help desk Technician and customer Service.
  • PC Network Support
  • Pc Technicians
  • Technical Support Representative.
  • Hel Desk Specialist
  • Printer Repair Technician.
  • IT Specialist

Companies like Microsoft, VmWare, Nov ell, HP and Cisco recognize the CompTIA A+ certification in their certification path. The CompTIA A+ is not confined to any specific technology like the certifications of other leading companies.

The expected salary of a CompTIA A+ Jobs in Dubai ranges from 40,000 to 50,000 AED.

Listed below are latest CompTIA  A+Jobs in Dubai

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