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CompTIA A+ Jobs in UK

With the increasing demand of technology the demand for highly qualified and skilled individuals is also on the rise in the job market. The certifications and diplomas in the field of information technology give proof that you are capable and efficient enough to perform the related tasks. This also increases your value in the industry, also having a positive effect on your salary.

Certifications have become very important as companies prefer certified people than non-certified people, and the salaries of CompTIA A+ credential holders are higher than the non-certified individuals.

The CompTIA A+ certification is a very popular certification among the IT professionals, as it provides the basic and fundamentals concepts. Many of the companies have made this certification compulsory for certain jobs. Many individuals try to skip this certification aiming for the higher ones, however they do nothing but waste their time, as with CompTIA A+ you have adequate knowledge regarding the basic concepts of the information technology world.

Amost 86 percent of employers in the IT field intend to have certified people as their employees, and CompTIA A+ certification is a very important one in this field. Once you are a CompTIA A+ certified individual, you will be able to qualify for jobs like the Computer Technician, Help desk Specialist, IT Specialist, Computer Manufacturing, and Field Service Technician.

Many leading companies of the IT world recognize this certification in their own certification path. Companies include:

  1. Microsoft
  2. HP
  3. Novell
  4. Cisco.

According to a survey the expected salary of a CompTIA A+ credential holder in the UK can be around 22,000 British pounds.

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