CompTIA Project+ Practice Exam 2 PK0-003

CompTIA Project+ Practice Exam 2 PK0-003

To ensure the quality of project deliverables, You should _________ before variance is identified


You have been asked to increase the scope of a current project, with no increase in time. ___________ Will be impacted the most.


An advantage of a functional organization is


Fast tracking a schedule includes


You are required to determine how much it will cost for a 3rd party to complete certain deliverables and the steps they will take to complete them. To gather this information you should issue a


Crashing a schedule includes


In what phase should project criteria be determined?


What best describes WBS?


During monitoring /controlling, an error is found in the project deliverable. During what process did this occur?


Several members have been out sick and the team has been unable to meet certain deadlines. What should the project manager use to determine how the project schedule is affected


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