CompTIA Server+ Practice Exam 2 SK0-003

CompTIA Server+ Practice Exam 2 SK0-003

You need to update BIOS


Causes of ESD are?
I.    Low humidity
II.    Unshielded cables
III.    Incorrect grounding
IV.    Constant movement


What devices can’t not be connected with a crossover cable?


You are attempting to set the IP configuration in Linux and used ipconfig which didn’t work. You should have used


In a multi-tiered server system, this tier is usually used to store large pools of data for other server tiers?


Which network OS uses one top-level directory represented by “/”?


Which performance-monitoring utilities found in the Windows 2000 Server?


The minimum PCs needed to configure a clustered server environment is


At what voltage/s  can a Universal 32-bit PCI card operate?


The most vital feature to consider when choosing UPS is


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